Group with word Together surrounding person in wheelchairThe City of Dryden is committed to providing persons with disabilities with the same opportunities to access our resources and services, in a manner consistent with the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity.

The City of Dryden recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of all those with whom we network in the conduct of our business and will endeavour to provide services and facilities in our community that are universally accessible to all.

Accessibility Policy and Plan:

The City of Dryden Council approved the Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy including a Policy Statement indicating its Commitment to Accessibility.  The Policy also includes a Glossary of Definitions.

In addition, the Council reviewed and provided direction to post a Draft Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for 2013-2017 and is seeking input from the public and persons with disabilities prior to formally adopting the Plan.  Copies of the Draft Plan and survey are available at City Hall, the Dryden Public Library, Dryden Pool and Fitness Centre and on the City Website.

Public notice re accessibility plan.pdf 

Accessibility Plan Survey 2014.pdf

City of Dryden Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2013-2017.pdf

The City of Dryden has extended the deadline for submissions to allow for further feedback.  We encourage you to provide your comments and look forward to receiving your input.  The Survey can be completed on-line, printed and forwarded by e-mail, or hand delivered to any Public City facility, mailed or faxed to the contact information on the survey form.  Copies of the Plan and survey are available in accessible formats upon request.  Please complete and return the Request for Information in an Accessible Format form or contact the Human Resources Department, City of Dryden, 30 Van Horne Avenue, Dryden, ON  P8N 2A7 or Tel 807-223-2225 ext. 505, FAX 807-223-6141 or e-mail