The Administration Department is located at City Hall.  The following offices are contained in the Department:

 Mayor's Office

 City Manager

 Clerk's Office

 Dryden Cemetery

Most of the services provided fall under the umbrella of the Clerk’s Office. These include both statutory and other responsibilities as assigned by Council. In general, the Clerk’s Department manages all corporate records, policies and procedures, prepares the agendas, by-laws, and minutes for all meetings of Council and Committee of the Whole as well as public meetings and special meetings of Council as directed. It is also responsible for vitals statistics including facilitating death registrations, the issuance of marriage licenses and conducting civil marriages.   The Clerk's Office provides support and acts as a resource to the Mayor, Council, City Manager, as well as Senior Management Team and Departmental Managers.

Under its other statutory obligations, Clerk is the Returning Officer for all Municipal and School Board elections and By-elections conducted under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.  In addition, the Clerk is the Municipal Freedom of Information Coordinator for the City of Dryden.
The Cemetery Coordinator's office is also located in the Administration Department.  The Coordinator provides assistance to the public, Funeral Homes, and Monument Dealers relating to vital statistics and the management and operation of the Dryden Cemetery.

Please click on the the following to access minutes, agendas, regulator by-laws as identified in the City of Dryden Municipal Code, and policies and procedures. 

Information relating to the City of Dryden Boards and Committees and how to volunteer to sit as a member is available.  Forms, vacancies and related information can be accessed through the website under Council, Boards and Committees or by contacting the Clerk's Office at 223-1147.

As always, the Clerk’s Office is committed to work diligently to meet its legislative requirements as well as maintain the principles of accountability, openness, and transparency in the conduct of its business and is committed to serving its Council, staff, fellow employees, and the public to the very best of its ability.