By-laws & By-law Enforcement


The building & planning department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of several by-laws enacted by the city such as signage, zoning, business licensing, fencing including swimming pool enclosures, numbering of buildings, noise, and property standards.  Please note these by-laws, as well as other by-laws of the city can be viewed in their entirety in the municipal code at:

The following is a brief description of some of the by-laws enforced by the building & planning department:

Sign By-law

The city's sign by-law requires that a permit be obtained before any sign is installed in the municipality, other than those signs with specific exceptions in the by-law, such as public information, no trespassing, real estate, construction project, and election signs.  The by-law does not apply to maintenance or repairs made to an existing sign provided the maintenance or repairs are done using identical materials to that of the component being maintained or repaired.  The sign by-law specifies such requirements as maximum face area for various zone locations and sign types, and minimum setbacks from property lines or street intersections.  A sign permit application form is available below:

Sign Permit Application Form

Zoning By-law

The City of Dryden's comprehensive zoning by-law regulates the use of lands within the city by implementing the policies of the city's official plan. The zoning by-law identifies specific permitted land uses throughout the municipality, and protects areas from incompatible uses.  The by-law contains specific requirements such as minimum lot sizes, minimum street frontages, required yard distances between buildings and property lines on a lot, maximum building heights, maximum lot coverages and the amount of off-street parking required.  All property owners are responsible for ensuring that any improvements undertaken on their lands are in compliance with zoning requirements.

For more information on zoning contact the Building & Planning Department at (807) 223-1140 or (807)223-1182. 

Licensing By-law

The licensing by-law regulates various types of business operations within the City of Dryden.  Licenses are issued either as a one time license with no expiry date for many fixed commercial locations, or as an annual license expiring on the 31st day of December in the year in which the license was issued for many other types of business.  The licence fee for a business license is $125.00 for residents and $250.00 for non-residents.  A business license application form is available below:

Business License Application Form - 2017.pdf

For more information on the licensing by-law contact the Building & Planning Department at (807) 223-1140, or click on the business license link at top of page. 

Fencing & Swimming Pool Enclosures By-law

The City of Dryden regulates the maximum height of privacy fences and the materials from which they may be constructed.  A building permit is not required to erect a privacy fence, however, all by-law regulations regarding fences must be met in their construction.
A permit is required for the installation of an outdoor swimming pool enclosure when such pools fall under the requirements of the swimming pool enclosure by-law.  The by-law specifies heights, materials and construction details for enclosures that must be met in order to comply with requirements.  

For further details on privacy fencing or outdoor swimming pool enclosures contact the Building & Planning Department at (807) 223-1140.

Numbering of Buildings By-law

The City of Dryden requires that the principle building on each lot within the City of Dryden be identified with a proper address number, as assigned by the city.  Numbers must be at least 75 mm (3 inches) in size and securely posted in a visible location on the building.

For further details on building numbering contact the Building & Planning Department at (807)223-1140.

Noise By-law

The noise by-law specifies that no person shall emit or cause or permit the emission of sound resulting from unusual, unnecessary, or excessive sound or vibration.  The by-law outlines sounds that are prohibited at all times throughout the municipality, as well as sounds that are prohibited in residential areas either at all times or during specific time periods.  Exemptions are permitted for public safety, church bells, fireworks, parades, and band concerts held in conjunction with any civic function or properly authorized events, and applications may be made to Council for special exemptions.

For further details on the noise by-law contact the Building & Planning Department at (807)223-1140.  For after-hour complaints, contact the Dryden Police Service at (807)223-3281.

Property Standards By-law

The property standards by-law prescribes the standards of maintenance and occupancy which apply to all buildings and properties within the City of Dryden.

Minimum standards for the maintenance and occupancy of all properties in the City of Dryden are enforced by the building & planning department on a confidential complaint basis only.  All property owners are required to maintain their property (internally and externally) in a neat and tidy condition so as not to detract from the neighboring environment or present a health or safety hazard to any person.

The following are some examples of what should be maintained to conform to the property standards by-law:

  - Exterior property areas (including weeds and debris)
  - Fences
  - Signs
  - Foundations, walls, roof, windows
  - Stairs, balcony, porches
  - Guardrails, handrails
  - Electrical service, plumbing fixtures, heating systems

Please note that any complaints not accompanied by a valid name and phone number may not be taken seriously.  This information remains strictly confidential, but is required for our records.

Any tenant that wishes to register a complaint with the city with regard to the lack of maintenance in his/her dwelling or apartment building should first advise the landlord in writing of their concerns in order to allow the landlord the opportunity to address the maintenance issue first.  If these concerns are not addressed adequately a complaint can be registered with the by-law enforcement officer. A confidential complaint form is available below:

Property Standards Complaint Form

For more information on the property standards by-law, please contact the Building & Planning Department at (807)223-1140.

Further Information

Copies of any by-laws enforced by the municipality, including the above by-laws, can be obtained from the City of Dryden website or by contacting the Building & Planning Department at 30 Van Horne Avenue, Dryden, Ontario,  or telephone (807)223-1140.