Minor Variances and Consents


Applications for Minor Variances and Consents are heard by the Committee of Adjustment that has been appointed by the City of Dryden Council.  The Committee considers applications at the regular meetings which are held on the second Thursday of the month, as required, at 9:30 a.m. in the Community Development - Human Resources Boardroom on the main floor of City Hall at 30 Van Horne Avenue. 

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Please be aware that applications must be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting in order to be processed and meet the required circulation/notice period.

Special Meetings may be called to consider issues that are time sensitive but these applications must still meet the required circulation/notice periods.

How long will it take?

The total processing time for an application, without an appeal, is approximately 6 – 8 weeks. 

Minor Variances

The City of Dryden Committee of Adjustment is authorized by Dryden City Council to grant minor variances to the normal requirements of its zoning by-law.  If you have an existing or proposed development which does not comply with the regulations contained in the zoning by-law, you may apply to the Committee for relief from the by-law.  Approval for the variance must be approved, and the appeal time pass, prior to a building permit being issued.  Note that such application(s) require additional fees and it could take from 45 to 120 days to process.

Consent Application

The City of Dryden Committee of Adjustment is also authorized to approve land severances, known as Consents. A land severance is the authorized separation of a piece of land to form a new lot, a new parcel of land or an addition to a parcel of land.  

What information is required?

This information required depends on the nature of the request but at a minimum, you should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • an accurate plan of the property showing its size and boundaries, including existing buildings, driveways, and uses, as well as identifying the location of the variance or consent being requested.  A plan prepared by a surveyor is the preferred document if available.
  • if the application is for a minor variance a written description of the variance being requested and the reasons for it.
  • if application is for a consent, the drawing must indicate the property that is being severed and that is to be retained.

You should contact the Planning Department before making the application so that the specific information required for your application can be determined.

How do you apply?

Complete the appropriate application form, available at the City’s Building & Planning Department at 30 Van Horne Avenue, Dryden, Ontario or by clicking on the appropriate link below.  Submit the completed application form, any required documentation and the required fee to the Building & Planning Department for processing. 

Minor Variances have an application fee of $420.00, and Consents are $630.00.  Payment of the fee is required when you submit your application and is not refundable.  The fee can be paid in cash, by cheque, credit card or debit card.


Minor Variance Form - Mar. 14.doc


Consent Application Form - Mar. 2017.doc

What is the process?

Once the completed application is received, the Secretary-Treasurer will start the hearing process. Notices of your proposal are sent to all property owners of land within 60 m (200ft) of your property at least ten days in advance of the public hearing. This notice is also sent to a number of City Departments and other agencies. You are also notified of the time and place of the hearing, at which time you, or your agent,  must attend to make a verbal presentation of your case. Any interested parties may also attend the hearing to make representations and you will have the right to rebuttal should you so desire. After hearing the application, the Committee of Adjustment makes a decision. The decision is subject to a 20-day appeal period from the date of the hearing, during which time you have the right to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board, or any interested party has the right to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board. At the end of the appeal time period, if there has been no appeal the Committee’s decision is final and binding.

Who can apply?

The owner of the property, or an 'agent' authorized by the owner in writing to act on his or her behalf can make an application.

How do I appeal a decision?

If you are dissatisfied with the decision you have a 20 day appeal period time to deliver personally to the Secretary-Treasurer or send by registered mail a notice of appeal, with the reason for appeal, together with a cheque in the amount of $125.00 made payable to "The Minister of Finance". The appeal is then forwarded, with all necessary material, to the Ontario Municipal Board. The office of the Ontario Municipal Board will notify you of a hearing date at which time you must attend.

Additional Information

We have attempted to answer some of the basic questions you may have about the minor variance and consent approval process.  For additional information or to discuss your specific situation, please call or visit the Building & Planning Department. We can advise you specifically on the information required and the timing of your particular application.

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