Zoning By-Law/Official Plan

What is an Official Plan?

An official plan, over the long term, describes the City’s policies on how land in your community should be used. It is prepared with input from you and your fellow citizens and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of your community while protecting significant natural features. An official plan deals mainly with issues such as:   

        - where new housing, industry, offices and shops will go 
        - what services like roads, water mains, sewers, parks and schools 
          will be needed 
        - when and in what order parts of your community will grow

Dryden Official Plan
Dryden Official Plan 
Schedule A - Map 1 - Land Use Plan
Schedule A - Map 2 - Land Use Plan
Schedule B - Map 1 - Environmental Resources
Schedule B - Map 2 - Environmental Resources
Schedule C - Map 1 - Road Classification
Schedule C - Map 2 - Road Classification    

The Planning Act also requires that municipalities revise their Official Plan every five years to ensure that it is consistent with provincial policy statements and other matters of provincial interest.  This also gives the municipality an opportunity to update the plan to reflect changes in the economy, environment and community needs over time.  The current City of Dryden Official Plan was
adopted and approved in 2012.  The process to review and update the current plan will begin in 2016.

What is a Zoning By-law?

A Zoning By-law is a legal document passed by City Council which implements an Official Plan by specifying where uses are permitted and setting the standards for those uses.  It affects all properties within the City’s planning area including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, rural and green spaces.  The zoning by-law outlines permitted uses as well as specifications for minimum and/or maximum setback requirements, building heights, parking standards, lot coverage, etc.

Zoning By-law
Comprehensive Zoning By-Law with 2012 Amendments 

Zoning By-Law Schedule A-1
Zoning By-Law Schedule A-2
Zoning By-Law Schedule A-3
Zoning By-Law Schedule A-4
Zoning By-Law Schedule A-5
Zoning By-Law Schedule A-6

The zoning by-law was reviewed and updated in 2012 in conjunction with the Official Plan Update.  The amendments were approved by Council with
Amending By-Law 3973-2012.  

For information or inquiries regarding land use planning in Dryden, please contact the Building & Planning Department at (807) 223-1140 or visit our office at 30 Van Horne Ave., Monday to  Friday between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (closed noon – 1:00 pm).  

The current Official Plan and current Zoning By-law are also available at the Dryden Public Library.