Open Roads Best Start

Open Roads Best Start is located at 20 Davis Street in the new Open Roads School. Please call 223-5724 if you require any additional information.


Open Roads Best Start provides care for before and after school and can accommodate kindergarten and school age children. The program opens at 7:30 a.m. and operates until school starts and resumes operations at the end of the school day until 5:30 p.m.. Limitied spaces are available for full day programming through the Best Start program on school holidays. Inquire about current operating hours at the time of registration. 


Our Open Roads School site is made up of one Site Supervising Early Interventionist, Early Childhood Educators and ECE Assistants. Snacks are provided by the Cooks at the Dryden Child Care Program. Support to the program is provided by the Manager of Children’s Services, Supervising Early Interventionist and Secretary/Receptionist from our main site at the Children’s Resource Centre.


Please use designated parking spaces for drop off and pick up at Open Roads School. All children must be escorted into the classroom by an adult.