Did You Know?

(a) The City of Dryden Cemetery Department provides for the following:

Purchase of Plots

For the purchase of a plot, you have two options:

1. Attend City Hall, 30 Van Horne Avenue, Cemetery Department and purchase the desired plot. You are required to pay for the plot including the perpetual care and maintenance fee in full at the time of purchase.
2. Your local funeral director may coordinate the purchase through their office. However, you may be required to attend City Hall to make payment.

Arrangements for Burial

The City of Dryden works in cooperation with the local funeral homes to ensure that the arrangements meet everyone’s needs. The funeral director will coordinate an agreeable date and time for the interment. The City of Dryden staff will carry out all other aspects of the interment.

Care and Maintenance of Cemetery

Upon the purchase of a plot, a portion of that money is put into a Perpetual Care Trust Fund. The Perpetual Care Fee is a one time fee charged per grave and required under the Cemetery Act. Only a portion of this fee can be used for the general maintenance and upkeep of the Cemetery while the balance remains in trust for perpetual care of the Cemetery. The maintenance includes cutting the grass, reseeding as required, grading, re-leveling when necessary and the overall general care of the Cemetery.

Location of Graves

In the event the location of a grave is unknown, please feel free to contact the Cemetery Department. You will be informed of the location of the grave as quickly as possible. Please note that especially in the summer, we can be overwhelmed with inquiries and it may take time to respond to your request. For requests for more than confirmation of an interment site, a fee will be charged.

Winter Interments

Interments are conducted during the winter months however, some time restrictions may apply over the Christmas season and when there are large volumes of snow – especially in the older sections of the Cemetery.


A 115 niche columbarium was added at the Dryden Cemetery in 2003. This allows for cremation interments to take place, securely above ground. Each niche is designed to allow for two cremation interments per site.

(b) According to the City of Dryden Cemetery By-law, the following apply:


35-72 Number of burials permitted in the same grave.
Adult grave: plots designated as single depth: a maximum of four burials, not more than one of which shall be for non cremated remains.
Cremation grave or Columbarium: a maximum of two burials, both of which shall be cremated remains.

Plant Material

35-23 Flower beds and planted borders.
Flower beds not exceeding 18 inches in width shall be permitted around the bases of monuments and, where there is no monument, can only be made by permission of, and under the supervision of, the Clerk. Planting of borders around lots or graves is prohibited.

35-25 Vases, urns and flower stands.
Vases, urns and flower stands not properly cared for may be removed from the lot or grave; and any stand, holder, vase or other receptacle for flowers deemed unsightly or unsuitable may be prohibited or removed by the Clerk. Glass vases are prohibited.

35-26 Artificial flowers.
During the growing season (usually May to October) while natural flowers are available, artificial flowers in the form of wreaths, or in any other form, are not permitted on a lot or grave except those placed at the time of interment which shall be removed after a period of three weeks.

35-27 Borders, fences and similar enclosures.
Borders, fences, railings, wall, cut-stone copings, concrete or stone borders and hedges in or upon any lot or grave are prohibited, and any such enclosure heretofore erected in or upon any lot or grave, which by reason of neglect or age, have become unsightly may be removed by the Clerk.

35-30 Responsibility for portable articles left upon lots or graves.
The corporation shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to any portable articles left upon any lot or grave.