Dryden Police Services Board

Chair..................   Judi Green
Member .............   Pat Skillen
Member..............   Roger Valley
Member..............   John Carlucci
Member..............   Bill Wiedenhoeft
Chief of Police......  Douglas A. Palson
Secretary............   Anna Boily

Responsibilities of Boards

A board is responsible for the provision of adequate and effective police services in the municipality and shall,

  • appoint the members of the municipal police force.
  • generally determine, after consultation with the Chief of Police, objectives and priorities with respect to police services in the municipality.
  • establish policies for the effective management of the police force.
  • recruit and appoint the Chief of Police and annually determine their remuneration and working conditions, taking their submissions into account.
  • direct the Chief of Police and monitor his or her performance.
  • establish policies respecting the disclosure by Chiefs of Police of personal information about individuals.
  • receive regular reports from the Chief of Police on disclosures and decisions. 
  • establish guidelines with respect to the indemnification of members of the police service for legal costs.
  • establish guidelines for dealing with complaints.
  • review the Chief of Police's administration of the complaints system and receive regular reports from the chief of police on his or her administration of the complaints system.

Contact Information

Anna Boily, Secretary
Phone:  807-937-0107

Chair Judi Green

The Dryden Police Services Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 9:00 am to 11:00 am at The Boardroom in Dryden Police Service, 64 King Street, Dryden, ON.

The Police Services Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be viewed by Clicking Board Minutes under the Boards and Committees link.










Annual Reports                                           
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Business Plan

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