Pet Control

Please see the following public notice with regard to the Animal Control By-law and the Dog Registration Fee Structure effective January 1, 2011 and the Animal Control By-law and Fee Schedule.

Public Notice Changes Animal Control By-law and Fees.pdf

By-law 3838-2010 re Amend Animal Control Fees.pdf

Bylaw 3819 2010 re Animal Control Bylaw.pdf

Registering your Dog

Whether registering your dog(s) for the first time or renewing your registration it is an annual requirement and must be completed prior to January 31st.

For existing City of Dryden dog owners a registration package will be mailed to you in December with a letter outlining the new dog registration process, an Application Form and the Fee Structure which will need to be returned to the City of Dryden to obtain your Dog Tag.

Should your dog have recently passed, please notify the Finance Office at 807-223-2225 so that our information can be updated.

For those registering their new dog(s) please feel free to complete and return this downloadable package for your use:

         2017 Pet Registration documents.pdf

For further information please contact  the Animal Control  Officer directly at 223-1137.