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Budget Process

The budget process includes both operating and capital budgets for the municipality. Council establishes budget parameters such as capital projects to be included and how they will be financed, long term borrowing and the end target for the total budget. This includes any tax or fee increases or freezes. All proposed capital projects go through a justification and evaluation process before they make it to the draft budget. Council and the Senior Management Team (SMT) review the draft budget and modify as required. SMT presents the final budget to Council for approval and Council adopts the budget.

Budget Details & Summary


2017 Budget Reports

2017 Operating and Capital Budgets

2016 Budget Reports

2016 Operating Budget (All City Departments)
2016 Capital Budget

2015 Budget Reports

2015 Operating and Capital Budget (all city departments)

2014 Budget Reports

2014 Operating and Capital Budget
2014 Cemetery Budget
2014 Library Budget
2014 Waterworks Budget

2013 Budget Reports

2013 Operating and Capital Budget
2013 Cemetery Budget
2013 Library Budget
2013 Waterworks Budget