Lottery Licenses

Lottery Licensing in City of Dryden

Eligible charitable and religious organizations may raise funds through provincially or municipally licensed lottery events.board

A Lottery Event contains three elements:

  • Consideration or Fee (may be direct or indirect)
  • Chance
  • Prize

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) is responsible for administering the lottery licensing program in the province of Ontario. Municipalities are partners with the AGCO in issuing lottery licenses to eligible charitable and religious organizations.

Lottery licensing refers to lottery schemes permitted by a license under the Criminal Code of Canada. Generally, these include bingos, raffles, break open tickets, bazaars and social gaming events held by charitable or religious organizations. Licensed charitable or religious organizations must conduct and manage their events in accordance with licensing policies and the terms and conditions of the licenses and fulfill all prescribed reporting requirements. The proceeds are used for a charitable object providing there is a direct benefit to the residents of Ontario.

Order in Council 2688/93 provides the legal authority for the AGCO and municipalities to issue licenses in Ontario. It authorizes the licensing framework for eligible charitable or religious organizations to conduct lottery events and sets out the limits of municipal and provincial licensing.

Eligibility Criteria for Organizations:

  • Public benefit to the residents of Ontario
  • Must be in existence and have a history of providing services for at least 1 year
  • Lottery proceeds must not be used as start-up funds for any organization
  • Must be legally, organizationally and financially separate from other organizations
  • Must be monitored
  • Charitable Categories (Relief of Poverty, Advancement of Religion, Advancement of Education, Charitable Purposes Beneficial to the Community)
The Lottery License Officer can answer specific questions related to each type of lottery. Answers can also be found in the information package below. The officer also directs organizations who may require a Provincial license to the appropriate licensing authority.

Contact Information:

City of Dryden Lottery License Officer: Kerry Trist
Phone: 807-223-1145

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