Tax Department Contacts:

Phone 807-223-1110                                                                                house
Fax: 807-223-7149

Property Assessment

An annual re-assessment of property is completed by the Municipal Property Assessments Corporation (MPAC) and a Notice of Assessment is sent to every property owner. Public enquiries about property assessments can be directed to MPAC at 1-866-297-6703 or by e-mail to Further information on property assessment can be found at MPAC's website

Property Owners can apply for a Request for Reconsideration to have their property assessment value reviewed. Application Form: MPAC Request for Reconsideration form.pdf


Property Tax Brochure

2010 Property Tax Brochure
2011 Property Tax Brochure
2012 Property Tax Brochure

Property Tax Rates

2009 City of Dryden Tax Rates
2010 Property Tax Rates
2011 Property Tax Rates
2011 Property Tax Comparisons with Regional Communities
2012 Property Tax Rates
2012 Property Tax Comparisons with Regional Communities
2013 Property Tax Rates
2013 Property Tax Comparisons with Regional Communities
2014 Property Tax Rates
2015 Property Tax Rates
2016 Property Tax Rates
2017 Property Tax Rates

Tax Collection

Tax Collection Policy - Tax Collection Policy.pdf
Tax Collection Procedures - Tax Collection Procedures.pdf

Tax Due Dates

Interim Billing     - 1st Installment      February 28th            
                         - 2nd Installment     March 31st 
Final Billing         - 1st Installment      August 31st     
                         - 2nd Installment     September 30th

Methods of Payment

  • In person at the Finance Department cashier's counter by cash, cheque or debit card
  • Internet or telephone banking using your property roll number as indicated on your tax bill
  • Drop off at "Night Deposit" box located at the front of City Hall
  • By mail to City of Dryden Taxes, 30 Van Horne Ave. Dryden, ON P8N 2A7
  • Pre-authorized Payment Plans (see below)
  • By Credit Card through Paymentus Corporation (convenience fee charged by Paymentus) - see information below


Tax Payment Plans

Monthly or Installment Payment Plans. Taxes must be paid in full to sign up for plan.
Taxes Pre Authorized Payment Plan.pdf

Credit Card Payment  (Powered by Paymentus)

Payments by credit card (Visa & Mastercard) for taxes are available through Paymentus Corporation, by phone at 1-877-225-7340  or on-line at the link below:

* Please note that Paymentus Corporation charges a 1.75% fee for this service.
** Transaction limit of $2,000, therefore for payments greater than $2,000 multiple transactions required.

Tax Rebates for Charities

Tax rebates for eligible charities as defined in Subsection 248(1) of the Income Tax Act that have registration numbers issued by Revenue Canada.
By-Law and application form
Rebate for Charities By Law and Form.pdf

Tax Rebates for Vacant Properties

Tax Vacancy Rebate Policy - Tax Vacancy Rebate Policy.pdf
Tax Vacancy Rebate Program - Property Tax Rebate Program.pdf

Any owner of vacant property that intends to make application for a rebate of property taxes during a period of vacancy must notify the City of the vacancy at the time the property becomes vacant in order to be eligible for a rebate commencing from that date. Notice of vacancy shall be given by completing a "Notice of Vacancy" form.
Notice of Vacancy Form - 
Notice of Vacancy Form.pdf

Application for Vacancy Rebate - 3 part form can be picked up at the Finance Department office at 30 Van Horne Avenue.