Hall 1

Apparatus Fire Hall #1

PUMPER #21 is a 2011 Eastway with 1250 GPM Darley pump, and holds 800 gallons of water. It has a 6 person custom Metro Spartan cab & chassis, interior mid-mount pump panel, foam tank, Thermal Imaging Camera and AED, 5 seat-mounted S.C.B.A. (4500), spare bottles, and 6 portable radios. #21 also carries 4" supply hose, 1 ¾" and 3" attack lines, pre-piped electric remote deck gun, foam pro pack, portable fan, portable pump, entry tools, spill kit and command light unit.

EQUIPMENT #22 is a 1994 Ford with custom box including interior seating and equipment. #22 is our Firefighter support and staging unit, it is used to transport additional equipment as required and support command functions at incident scenes.

PUMPER #23 is a 1982 King 840 GPM Pumper. It has a mid-mount pump panel, holds 500 gallons of water, foam inductor, deck gun, 4" supply hose, 1 ½" and 3" attack lines, a portable pump, and wildfire hose and fittings.

QUINT #24 - 2003 Smeal 6-person cab Quint Pumper with 75' ladder, includes a pre-piped monitor, pumps 1500 GPM. Carries ground ladders, 333.2 gallons of water and 30 gallons of foam. 4" supply line, 3 - 1 3/4 attack lines and 1 - 3" attack hand lines. 5 S.C.B.A. (4500's), spare bottles, 6 portable radios, high rise pack, and various power and hand tools.

RESCUE #25 is a 2006 GM 5500 Rescue Unit. It carries heavy hydraulic auto-extrication equipment, rams, air bags, cribbing, lighting, entry tools, Thermal Imaging camera, Hazardous Materials equipment, Rapid Intervention equipment, 4 S.C.B.A. (4500's), and spare bottles. This unit features a 5-person crew cab, 4x4, a roof top command lighting system, 6 portable radios, dual power plants and equipment storage on slide-out trays.

COMMAND #26 is our 2011 Ford Expedition Max. #26 serves as an Incident Command Vehicle at emergencies, and is used for our fire prevention, inspection, and investigation duties the rest of the time.

Hall 2

Apparatus Fire Hall #2

PUMPER #31 is a 1996 Superior 1050 Pumper. It has a 6 person cab, interior mid-mount pump panel, holds 800 gallons of water, A + B foam tanks, pre-piped deck gun, 4" supply hose, 1 3/4" & 3" attack lines, 4 S.C.B.A (4500's), spare bottles, P.P.V fan, poratble pump, entry tools, and 4 portable radios.

TANKER #32 is our 2004, 1500 gallon booster Tanker. It carries 4" supply hose as well as a folding water tank, portable pump.

EQUIPMENT #33 - 2001 Ford E450 Fire Rescue/Equipment Vehicle, carries P.P.V. fan, 6 portable radios, 4 water/ice recue sets, water/ice rescue craft, 4 S.C.B.A. (4500's), spare bottles, forest fire fighting equipment, and entry tools.

RESCUE #34 is a 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD Rescue Unit. It carries equipment for portable pump water supply, water / ice rescue. This unit features a 5-person crew cab, 4x4 and a capped truck box.