Teaching Aids

Four Education Kits are available for loan to schools, organizations or families home schooling their children. The kits include the following subjects:

Grades 1 & 2, "Fun & Games"

Overview of Lesson Plan:  Students will observe and explore photographs and have a choice of three traditional children's games to play.  This lesson will provide an interactive component to further develop the themes the students are taught in regular class time.  This lesson stresses the use of the student's individual imagination and their ability to draw their own conclusions by way of observation.

Grade 3, "Pioneer"

Overview of Lesson Plan:  Three dimensional artifacts as well as pictures are used to provide the students with hands - on, explorative way of learning to accompany what is being taught by their teacher.

Grades 4, 5 & 6, " Early Communication & Energy"

Overview of Lesson Plan:  Through hands - on experiments using artifacts, the students will learn about early ways of communicating, such as the telegraph.  Students will develop an understanding of how sound travelled through telegraph wires and compare older methods of communicating with modern ones.

Grade 6, "Young Explorers"

Overview of Lesson Plan:  Through hands - on exploration of artifacts, maps and photographs students will learn about early First Nations and European explorers and settlers in what is now Northwestern Ontario.

Book a Power Point presentation on Dryden's history, provided by the Curator.

As part of our programming, we can come to your classroom and provide a "Wash Day" or "Butter Making" demonstration.