The Dryden Buck

The Dryden Buck is displayed in the stairwell, between the main level and the upper level. 
He is continuously on exhibit and is owned by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Post cards are available for $2.

Admission charges do apply, $3/person, age 6 and under, free.

 Dryden Buck1  Dryden Buck2

History of The Dryden Buck

Each year hunters throughout North America come to North Western Ontario in search of white-tailed deer.  Many are attracted to the Dryden region because of the areas history of producing large bucks.  At the time this magnificent specimen, known as the "Dryden Buck" was killed, a score could not take place because it was held as evidence.  In January 2005, after 14 months it was scored and unofficially ranked 192 7/8 typical white-tailed deer, setting a new Ontario record.

This buck was shot a short distance north of Dryden in the fall of 2003.

The deer was forfeited to the Province of Ontario by the courts after the hunter who killed it was convicted of night hunting, trespassing and abandoning meat.  In his greed to claim this trophy, this hunter demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the ethics and laws that sportsmen know play an important role in ensuring the future of wildlife populations.  What could have been recognition and the memory of a lifetime for any sportsman was spoiled by one greedy individual's thoughtless and reckless actions.

The Dryden Buck is displayed in the museum to illustrate some of the rich resources in the area and as a reminder of the importance of respecting wildlife laws.  For more information please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Hunting Regulations.