What does a Provincial Offences Administration Office do?

The Provincial Offences Administration office is the place for:
- payment of provincial offences fines
- scheduling of provincial offences trials
- filing of provincial offences act appeals and re-openings
- general inquiries about provincial offences matters

I received a ticket under the Provincial Offences Act. What are my options?

Carefully read the options on the reverse of your offences notice:

- Option #1 - Plea of Guilty/Payment Out of Court
If you choose not to contest the charge you may make payment to the court office on the front of the Offence Notice. You must pay the "total payable" in full. Payment is deemed a plea of guilty.

Payment can be made in person or by mail, by cheque, money order, cash, visa, mastercard, american express, interac or online at

- Option #2 - Plea of Guilty with an Explanation
This option is available if you wish to plead guilty but for financial reasons you require a reduction in the amount of the fine or an extension of time to pay. You must appear before a Justice of the Peace in the court service area in which you received your offence notice to exercise this option. The Justice of the Peace cannot reduce the charge or remove or reduce the demerit points applied by the Ministry of Transportation. The location and times and dates in which you may appear before a Justice of the Peace are indicated on your offence notice.

- Option#3 - Not Guilty Plea
If you wish to dispute the charge you must sign where indicated under this option on the reverse of your offence notice ensuring your mailing address is correct on your offence notice. Mail your not guilty plea to the office indicated. You will receive a notice of trial indicating the time, date and location of your trial.

What if I cannot pay my fine by the due date?

Following conviction, if you require more time to pay your fine in full, you may attend at the Provincial Offences Administration office and complete a form requesting extension. This motion will be placed before a Justice of the Peace for a decision and you will be notified in due course.

Who can issue Provincial Offence notices of tickets for this court service area?

- City of Dryden By-law Enforcement
- Town of Sioux Lookout By-law Enforcement
- Dryden Fire Services
- Dryden Police Services
- Ontario Provincial Police
- Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service
- Ministry of Transportation
- Ministry of Natural Resources
- Ministry of Labour
- Ministry of Health
- Northwestern Health Unit
- Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Why are there two amount on my ticket?

One amount is the set fine and the other is your total payable amount. The difference between the two amounts represents the Victim Fine Surcharge. This surcharge is imposed by the provincial government and is added to every fine given under the Provincial Offences Act. Proceeds from the surcharge are used to maintain and expand provincial services to victims of crime.

What are Provincial Offences?

Provincial offences are minor (non-criminal) offences such as (but not limited to):

- Highway Traffic Act - Speeding, careless driving, not wearing your seat belt or driving while under suspension
- Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act - fail to surrender your insurance card, possess a false or invalid insurance card or drive vehicle without insurance
- Liquor Licence Act - intoxicated in a public place or selling alcohol to a minor
- Trespass to Property Act - entering prohibited premises or failing to leave premises
- City Bylaws - noise and animal bylaw infractions
- Motorized Snow Vehicle - fail to display evidence of trail permit
- Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act - abandonment of meat, careless use of firearms

Most provincial offence charges result in out-of-court fine payments. Citizens who are issued with provincial offences tickets should read them carefully for a complete list of their payment and trial options.