Unpaid Fines

Do You Have Unpaid Fines?

Remember to pay those fines!!!

Have you ever received an offence notice and lost it, filed it away, or just couldn't pay it at the time. Perhaps you have been living outside of Ontario for a number of years and totally forgot about your fine payment obligation….?

You may be hearing from the City of Dryden, or another municipality or even a collection agency to remind you of your obligation.

When the Province transferred the responsibility of the administration of Provincial Offences Courts to municipalities in Ontario it also transferred the outstanding unpaid fines dating back many years. This amounts to millions of dollars in uncollected revenue across the Province.

People with outstanding fines may receive an overdue notice with instructions of how to make their payments or arrange a payment plan. Failure to do so could result in suspension of driver's licence, garnisheed wages, or having a lien registered against their property.

For more information please contact the Provincial Offences Administration Office at 807-223-1429 or drop by the office at 116 Queen Street.