Municipal Cultural Planning

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The Municipal Cultural Roundtable is excited to share the Municipal Cultural Plan with Council and the community. 
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What is Municipal Cultural Planning?
It is a municipal government led process approved by Council, for identifying and leveraging a community’s cultural resources, and integrating those cultural resources across all facets of municipal government planning and decision making.


The Municipal Cultural Planning process began in Dryden in 2006 thanks to leadership from community members, municipal staff, and members of Council.  Effective advocacy by the Dryden Area Cultural Partnership ensured that 'Culture' was included in the City's 2007 - 2010 Strategic plan, and that the planning process continued through Cultural Planning workshops in the spring of 2008, and consequent development of a Cultural Strategy.  Both Strategies can be accessed through the 'Plans and Strategies' menu.

On June 15, 2009 Council adopted a Municipal Cultural Strategy that includes the following

Dryden’s Definition of Culture:
A sense of place. Who we are, where we come from and what we will become.”

The City of Dryden understands that the quality of life and economic prosperity are linked and is best built on community assets and by investing in place. Many people take such factors as a sense of place, local character and diversity of amenities into account when making decisions on where to live and carry on business. Culture is one of the key building blocks of a healthy and sustainable community.  The creation of a Municipal Cultural Strategy and consequent Policy is the first step towards integrating culture into all aspects of community planning and development.

The benefits of a Municipal Cultural Strategy for the City of Dryden are tremendous.
• Creation and full implementation of a Municipal Cultural Policy
• Combat the fear of job and industry losses
• Recognition of our culturally rich community
• Creative enhancement of natural resources
• Better coordination of fragmented community groups and cultural groups now working in isolation
• Rejuvenate community pride and spirit
• Economic development through Municipal Cultural Planning
• Enriching the education of our youth
• Population retention by building “A Sense of Place”
• Dryden has the potential to regain its past strengths, move beyond them and create a better future
Meets the objectives of the Community Strategic Plan

In October 2009 a working group comprised of the Dryden Area Cultural Partnership, City and DDC staff completed a funding application to the Creative Communities Prosperity Fund, a new funding program within the Provincial Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The application was successful with funding in the amount of $65,000 announced at the end of March 2010. The funding agreement allowed for the City to hire a Municipal Cultural Planner to implement the priorities of the Cultural Strategy and take another stride forward in the planning process.

This is an exciting opportunity for the City of Dryden to develop relationships and partnerships with other communities and organizations in the area; to build social networks, and provide opportunities for individuals to learn, express themselves, and participate in cultural activities. The goal of this Municipal Cultural Planning Project is to build a foundation of Policy that will serve to improve the quality of life and economic development opportunities for all area residents. 

The following document will tell you more about the Municipal Cultural Planning process in Dryden:

Municipal Cultural Planning FAQ

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