Civil Marriage Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.   What documents are needed for a Civil Marriage Service?

Before meeting with the Marriage Commissioner you should have completed and paid for your Ontario Marriage License (valid for three (3) months following its date of issue).  You should have also completed the Booking Agreement Form with staff at City Hall.  The Pre-Ceremony Information Questionnaire you will complete during the pre-ceremony meeting with the Marriage Commissioner.  (Form is included in the booking package)

2.   Who may officiate at our wedding?

For a Civil Marriage, only the City’s appointed Commissioner may perform the ceremony.

3.   What would it cost to be married at my home on the lake on Saturday?

Example 1:   Location within City boundaries:

·       Marriage License issued in Dryden ………………………………………$ 140.00

·       Ceremony on a Saturday (within the boundaries of the city)…… $ 380.00 (plus HST)

                                                                              TOTAL           $ 569.40*

*   Plus Commissioner incurred expenses, if applicable.


Example 2:   Location in unincorporated territory:

·       Marriage License issued in Dryden ……………………………..………  $ 140.00

·       Ceremony on a Saturday (in unincorporated area)…………………  $ 525.00 (plus HST)

                                                                              TOTAL           $ 733.25*

*   Plus Commissioner incurred expenses, if applicable.


4.   Does the City offer “same day service” for a Ceremony?

We will attempt to accommodate the couple, based on the availability of a Marriage Commissioner and location, i.e. availability of Council Chambers or alternate site.

5.   Where can we hold our wedding?
Our Marriage Commissioner will perform a ceremony anywhere within the jurisdiction of the City of Dryden, and its surrounding unincorporated area.  Ceremonies may also be held at City Hall in the Council Chambers, based on availability

6.   Do we have to purchase our Ontario License in Dryden to be married in Dryden?

No.  You may purchase an Ontario License anywhere in the Province of Ontario to be married anywhere in the Province of Ontario.

7.   Are witnesses required for a Civil Marriage Ceremony?

Yes, all couples must have two (2) witnesses present during the ceremony, preferably over age 16.

8.   May we include readings from the Bible or have a Blessing at our ceremony?

While the Marriage Commissioner may not perform any type of religious ceremony in keeping with the spirit of the Ontario Marriage Act which requires civil ceremonies to be “non-denominational”, couples may wish to have someone other than the Commissioner provide a reading or a blessing.

9.   Will the Marriage Commissioner marry Same-sex Partners?

Yes, there is a constitutional requirement in Ontario to issue marriage licenses to, and solemnize civil marriages of same-sex couples.

10.       Who registers our Civil Marriage?

After the ceremony, all parties must sign the Record of Solemnization (to be retained by the couple) and the Statement of Marriage, both are included on the license.  The Marriage Commissioner will ensure all documentation is delivered to City Hall following the ceremony so it can be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar General in Thunder Bay within two (2) business days to register your marriage with the Province of Ontario.