Health/Social Services

Dryden Regional Health Centre (DRHC)

The Dryden Regional Health Centre (DRHC) is a fully modern 41 bed acute care hospital. There are thirty-one acute and ten chronic/rehab beds in the hospital. DRHC provides a full range of inpatient services including medical, surgical, obstetrical, chronic care and critical care.

Ambulatory services include emergency, surgical day care, specialty clinics, oncology, nurse practitioner and ambulance services. Diagnostic services include a 64 slice CT Scan, x-ray, ultrasound, laboratory mammography and cardiac stress testing.

The Health Centre is also home to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, dietary services, as well as counselling services for alcohol, case management, diabetes, gambling, youth addiction and sexual assault.

Doctor Recruitment
Chuck Schmitt, Coordinator

As Physician Recruitment Coordinator my role is to provide accurate and relevant information regarding practice opportunities to potential locum and full time physicians. Arranging hospital and community site visits, attending to community transition and liaising with the media and the public to facilitate an accepting atmosphere for new doctors to work, live and thrive in Dryden are key roles of the Recruitment Coordinator.  

Dryden Area Family Health Team 



The Dryden Area Family Health Team (DAFHT) is a primary care organization that is comprised of health care professionals that deliver accessible, high quality services to the community for the purpose of improving health.

The DAFHT is a team of providers that support patients and families across the continuum of care with a focus on primary care, chronic disease management and prevention.  The team includes family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered and practical nurses, dietitians, mental health therapists, an Anishinaabe Community Liaison, diabetes program with certified diabetes educators and administrative support.

Dingwall Medical Group

The Dingwall Medical Clinic is a group of health care professionals dedicated to providing our patients with compassionate and comprehensive health care.  The family physicians at the Dingwall Medical Clinic are part of the Dryden Area Family Health Team.

Northwestern Health Unit 


The mission of the Northwestern Health Unit is to improve the quality and length of life in our communities: healthy lifestyles, longer lives lived well.
Other Health and Social Service Resources





 Adult Education - KPDSB

 Marg Oversby 
 Angie Lichty

 ext. 2448

 Alzheimer's Society

 Kayla Congdon


 Best Start Hub/Toy Library

 Keltie Ford


 Brain Injury Services of
 Northwestern Ontario

 Sharon Bak

or 624-4575

 Canadian Mental Health
 - Peer Support Drop-In Center

 Crystal Norris

 Canadian Red Cross

 Shana Hansson


 Community Living Dryden

 Kari Hopp
 Kate Wickstrom
 Michael Hull
 Amy Woolfrey

 ext. 33
 ext. 32
 ext. 24
 ext. 26

 Community Volunteer Connection

 Peggy Howard


 Confederation College

 Angelina Anderson


 Crisis Response Services

 Kyla Storry
 Bonnie Tourond

Marcel Penner



 District Mental Health Services
 for Older Adults Program/

 Nathalie Legros


 Dryden Aboriginal Women's
 Resource Centre

 Millie Flamand


 Dryden Area Family Health Team

 Katherine Campbell

 ext. 3117

 Dryden Attendance Centre

 Lorraine Lang


 Dryden Children's Resource

 Vanessa Shepherd
 Krissy Gerry
 Jessica Harvey


 Dryden Fire Service

 Ken Kurz


 Dryden Food Bank



 Dryden High School

 Sherry Ambridge
 Todd Desautels

 ext. 227

 Dryden High School -
 Alternative Ed. Coordinator

 Lynne Pateman

 ext. 277

 Dryden Literacy

 Wendy Olson


 Dryden Native Friendship Centre

 Sally Ledger
Tina Cordeiro


 Dryden Native Friendship Centre 
 Diabetes Program

 Sara Campbell


 Dryden Police Service

 Kevin Hildebrand
 Janet Kaus
 Ann Tkachyk


 Dryden Regional Health Centre

 Kim Vares
 Chuck Schmitt


 Dryden Regional Mental Health
 & Addiction Services

 Tania Galeotafiore


 Eagle Lake First Nation Economic
 Development & Community
 Planning Coordinator

 Devon MacKinnon 

 ext. 222

 Enterprise Dryden



 Firefly - Integrated Services NW

 Kathy Parenteau
 Jennifer Armit

 ext. 3317

 Firefly - Youth Justice Committee
 Program - PCCY




 Maureen Sullivan
 Debbie Dokuchie


 Grace Haven



 Hoshizaki House Resident
 Counsellor/Transitional Support

 Rachel Gessie


 Hoshizaki House Child &
 Youth Worker

 Kyla VanSoest


 Hoshizaki House Court Liason

 Johanna Minnder


 Keewatin Patricia District
 School Board

 Patty Lyle

 ext. 246

 Kenora District Services Board

 Sarah Stevenson


 Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child and
 Family Services




 Metis Nation of Ontario

 Marley Hodges
 Mandy Montgomery


 Ministry of Citizenship and
 Ministry of Tourism,
 Ministry of Health Promotion 
 and Sport

 Lovenuk Markham


 Ministry of Northern
 Development, Mines &

 Liz Norman


 Ministry of Training, Colleges,
 North Region

 Laura Sfreddo


 Northwest Training &
 Adjustment Board

 Sonja Wainio 
 Charmon MacDonald


 Northwest Community Access

 Michele Dorfman
 Barb Lindquist


 Northwest Employment Works

 Tammy Oliphant


 Northwestern Health Unit

 Stephanie Cran
 Kathy Bryck
 Silvana Edenburn
  Lindsay Desaulniers


 Ontario Coalition of
 Aboriginal People

 Kathy Maggrah


 Ontario Native Women's

 Holly Maggrah-


 Ontario Provincial Police

 Chuck Wesley
 Michelle Teeple


 Ontario Works - KDSB

 Gayle Saindon 

 Karen McDonald

 ext. 2328
 ext. 2331

 Paawidigong First Nations Forum

 Rita Letourneau



 Donna Horvath
 Jim Dayman


 Probation & Parole

 Shiree Scribner


 Salvation Army Thrift Store

 Shannon Hatfield


 Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence
 Care & Treatment Program

 Tania Galeotafiore



 Sunset & Area VCARS

 Joella Notte


 The Dryden Mission

 Jim Shearer


 Treaty Three Police Service

 Keith Singleton


 Victim Witness Assistance

 Kelly Alcock