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The City of Dryden was founded as an agricultural research community by John Dryden, Ontario's Minister of Agriculture in 1895. While his train was stopped at what was then known as Barclay Tank to re-water, he noticed clover growing and decided to found an experimental farm the following year. The farm's success brought settlers from the Uxbridge area of southern Ontario and the Bruce Peninsula, and the community came to be known as New Prospect. 

Today, the Dryden area produces a variety of agricultural products including dairy, cattle and calves operations, pig operations, hay and oats, and fruits and vegetables. The CLFC is partnering to form a co-operative abattoir following the closure of a private business to continue the processing a variety of meat products.

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Fallow Lands Feedstock Study

District of Kenora:  Agricultural Profile

Local Foods Coalition:  A Co-operative Development

Local Foods Coalition:  A Co-operative Initiative

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Cloverbelt Country Farmers' Market

Hellman's Eat Local CommercialIf you are looking for farm fresh produce and meats, home made preserves and baking, or handmade arts and crafts, Cloverbelt Country Farmers' Market is the place to be! The market strives to have only local produce represented giving you a taste and experience unique to Dryden and surrounding area.

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Busters Blueberry BBQ Sauce 

Hagens Salad Dressing 

Kupper's House Dressing 

Canadian Pure Wild Rice 

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