Poised to grow and diversify its manufacturing base, Dryden has never been better prepared for new investment - particularly if your company involves value added wood, precious metals, minerals or other food products.

Dryden's high labour force productivity reflects workforce skill, loyalty and motivation.  Its low business costs are based on affordable taxes, no development fees and its well-established infrastructure and services.  Dryden's reliable access to local, northern and global markets is supported by well-connected road, air and communications networks. Light Manufacturing is rapidly becoming one of the community's growing segments.

Primary Forestry

Fostering Wood

         Wood Processing                    

The forest industry has been a mainstay of Dryden's economy since the early 1900s when the first sawmill started up here. In 1918, the Town of Dryden became a pulp and paper making centre with the installation of the first paper machine and it has changed with the industry ever since. 

Today, the Domtar Dryden facility houses a pulp machine that manufactures one pulp product, Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK). The softwood kraft is sold on the open market. Domtar boasts a multi-skilled trades force where many tradespeople are certified in more than one area, making Domtar people and operations extremely efficient. Domtar recognizes that without healthy and sustained forests, there is no bright future for our company, community or for the world. Domtar practices the highest level of forest stewardship possible. In 2007 Domtar planted over 6 million seedlings on both the Wabigoon and Trout Forests.

Centralized Drying and Planing Facility - Feasibility Study

Value-Added Forestry

With the shift moving away from commodity products in the forest industry this opportunity positions Dryden to become a leader in manufacturing of value-added wood products. Dryden is located in the heart of the Kenora District Forest Management Units. Dryden is central to the region's transportation network and wood supply making the community an ideal location for accessing your raw goods and 360 degree distribution to potential target markets. 

Why Locate Your Value-Added Facility in Dryden?
  1. Dryden is situated in the heart of Canada's rich boreal forests.
  2. It has the infrastructure and community resources to support a vibrant, sustainable forest sector.
  3. Sustainably managed, Dryden area forests offer a long-term, assured wood supply suited to a wide range of value-added wood processing facilities Ontario's forests produce wood fibre that is preferred by manufacturers around the world.
  4. Dryden possesses the wood supply, facilities, infrastructure and labour force to support a healthy primary industry -- the basis of a vibrant value-added wood processing sector.
  5. Federal and provincial incentives and support programs are available to facilitate the diversification of Dryden's forest sector.
  6. The Dryden Development Corporation (DDC) offers flexible, customized support to help investors succeed in Dryden.

Value-Added Forestry Brochures
Ontario's Forest Product Industries
Value-Added Wood Sector 

Funding Programs   


Forintek's vision is to be the global leader in wood products research and technology transfer and the knowledge center of choice for the Canadian wood products sector. To meet this vision, the mission of Forintek is to develop scientific and technical knowledge, applications and solutions that will enhance the ongoing competitiveness of its members and the Canadian wood products sector.  

Industry development support can be accessed through
FPInnovations - Forintek Division, Canada's national wood products research institute. Their role is to support the forest products industry in optimizing manufacturing processes, extracting higher value products from the available resource and meeting customer's expectations of performance, durability and affordability.  

Natural Research Council of Canada -
Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) 

This program supports small and medium-sized enterprises' innovation in Canada. They assist firms to grow stronger, grow faster, grow bigger through innovation. They help firms to develop technologies and successfully commercialize them in a global marketplace. They do this by providing technical and business advisory services and financial assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises they serve.  

A Skilled Workforce

Dryden is home to a multi-skilled
labour force with transferrable skill sets that have been developed over the years. Founded as a pulp and paper town, the greater Dryden workforce has emerged as experienced, diversified and proficient in manufacturing processes. Dryden has a larger percentage of residents with trades and college certificates or diplomas as compared to the provincial average.

Of the 12,550 in the Dryden labour shed 15 years of age and older more than:

  • Welder30% hold a high school certificate or equivalent
  • 10% hold an apprenticeship or trades certificate or diploma (many have achieved multiple)
  • 20% hold a college, CEGEP or other non-university certificate or diploma
  • 3% hold a university certificate or diploma below the bachelor level
  • 10% hold a university certificate or diploma or degree

Workers are loyal to their employers and demonstrate their commitment with a low turnover rate.