Competitive Advantages
Top Ten Reasons to Locate in Dryden

1.  Large pool of available multi-skilled workers

  • Productivity premiums are available by taking advantage of Dryden's multi-skilled, loyal and motivated labour force

2.  A transportation hub located on the TransCanada Highway

  • Lower your shipping costs through inexpensive southbound and eastbound backhaul opportunities from Dryden
  • Reliable access to local, northern, national and global markets is supported by well connected road, rail, air and communication networks

3.  Proximity to goods and services

  • Access 24 million people directly south in the markets of the United States Midwest, plus east and west to the Canadian markets

4.  Favourable taxes and low land costs, no development charges

  • Lower your costs through some of the lowest municipal taxes in Northern Ontario, the absence of development charges, and low cost land available in City-owned commercial and industrial parks

5.  High concentrations of available natural resources

  • Benefit from underutilized and available forest fibre through a unique Sustainable Forest License cooperative for value added wood production or bio-mass facility
  • Gain from being at the centre of a precious metals and minerals exploration hub supported with required services
  • Generate electricity and great returns through pre-approved solar generation sites and the second-highest photovoltaic potential in Canada 

6.  Incentives and support services

  • Assistance for your new or expanding business venture, and access to government programming, incentives and in-house resources

7.  Full service, regional airport

  • Be at the heart of a high-value staging area for Ontario's Northwest, and take advantage of a 6000 ft runway utilizing ILS (Instrument Landing System) technology

8.  Fully modern, regional hospital

  • 24hr ambulatory and emergency services, CT Scan, acute care services, visiting specialty surgeons, specialty clinics and telemedicine

9.  Vibrant and safe urban community

  • Surrounded by pristine waterways and endless boreal forests protected by municipal police and fire services

9.  Forward thinking and committed local government

10.  Access community funding and partnerships for senior government funding programs

For more information on Ontario's North, download Ontario's North brochure