Cultural Roundtable
The establishment of a Cultural Roundtable is a key priority of the Municipal Cultural Strategy adopted by Council in June 2009. 

The following framework was established for the Roundtable in the Cultural Strategy:

Cultural Roundtable’s Role and Responsibility:
The Cultural Roundtable is a permanent committee mandated by the City of Dryden Council. The Cultural Roundtable is responsible for acting as a catalyst to strengthen cultural development by supporting collaboration across community, business and municipal departments and interest groups. The Cultural Roundtable will serve the community of Dryden by using the collective diversity and wisdom of its members to support the evolution of the Municipal Cultural Policy to fulfill the Municipal Cultural Strategy. 

Cultural Roundtable Actions
• Finalize the Cultural Roundtable Terms of Reference
• Contribute to the development of Municipal Cultural Policies
• Submission of annual operational and capital requests to the City staff
• Identify funding opportunities for a Municipal Cultural Planner
• Continue with Cultural Mapping exercise as an ongoing process
• Identify opportunities to leverage resources for larger economic and community benefit

On June 21st, 2010 Council adopted a resolution to amend the composition of the Roundtable to be more inclusive of the community at large.

resolution.Cultural Roundtable re Revised Composition .pdf

On Sept 20, 2010 Council adopted an Interim Terms of Reference for the Roundtable:
Interim Terms of Reference.doc

Currently we have vacancies for members of the public and youth aged 16 - 29 to join the roundtable.

The following is a link to the application form.