Media Release: City to consider OPP Costing
MEDIA RELEASE: City to Consider Requesting OPP Costing
Posted on 2017/05/10


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

City of Dryden Council to consider requesting OPP Costing

Dryden, ON – The Council of the City of Dryden announced that it has requested that City staff bring forward a report on the OPP costing process at the Council meeting on May 15th, 2017.   At a Special Meeting of Council to be held on Tuesday, May 23rd at
7 p.m., it is expected that Council will debate, discuss and vote on whether to approach the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to formally submit a quote.

This request is being made entirely for financial considerations.  This initiative is in no way a reflection of the quality of service currently being provided by the Dryden Police Service, nor does it question the skills, abilities and professionalism of the dedicated men and women serving our community.  Their service to the community is above reproach.

As most citizens and businesses are aware, the City has gone through several years of economic hardship.  This is largely a result of high debt levels and a significant reduction in its large industrial tax base.

Although the City’s financial situation has stabilized, ongoing and future challenges to its sustainability remain:

  1. City infrastructure replacement needs in excess of $9 million annually going into the future;

  2. High City debt levels through to the end of 2021;

  3. Continual cost escalation due to Provincial Government downloading;

  4. Ongoing reductions in the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund;

  5. Reductions in large commercial property valuations, resulting in reduced tax revenue; and,

  6. Burgeoning Hydro electricity costs.

Increased provincial funding support is not available and tax increases are not the answer to addressing the major challenges noted above. More significant cost reduction actions are needed. This situation is not unique to Dryden. 

It may take up to a year for the OPP to complete their study and present a proposal to Council for consideration.  Council will then have up to six (6) months from that point in time to make their decision.  There will be many questions that members of our police department and the public will have during this review period.  The process will offer an opportunity for input.  Council recognizes that this will be a time of uncertainty for many people and we will make sure that communication lines remain open and that we are available to answer questions and receive input. 


The Information Manual for the OPP costing process can be found via this link:


Finally, we want to emphasize at this time that:

  1. NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE, Council is simply considering requesting a quote from the OPP.

  2. It may take up to a year before any proposal is put in front of Council to review.

  3. Council will work closely with the Dryden Police Service through this evaluation process.

  4. Any potential decisions in the future will ensure that public safety will not be compromised.

Please direct any questions to either:

Mayor Greg Wilson             
City of Dryden
Tel:  807-223-6119
Cell: 807-220-0057
Ernie Remillard, CAO
City of Dryden
Tel:  807-223-1194
Cell: 807-938-8786